Next Gen Consortium

Below are the project directors and project titles for the other Next Generation Humanities PhD Grant recipients.

Click on the title of an institution to be taken to their project homepage (if available).

Duke University
Project Director: Edward Balleisen
Project Title: Doctoral Training for the Versatile Humanist

Florida International University Board of Trustees
Project Director: Kenneth Lipartito
Project Title: Bridging the Gap: Linking History PhD Training to Nonacademic Employment

Fordham University
Project Director: Eva Badowska
Project Title: The “Living Humanities” PhD for the 21st Century

Georgia State University Research Foundation, Inc.
Project Director: Carl Collins
Project Title: GSU Next Generation Humanities Planning Grant

Lehigh University
Project Director: Jenna Lay
Project Title: Public Pedagogies: Graduate Education and the Interdisciplinary Humanities at Lehigh University

Loyola University, Chicago
Project Director: Patricia Mooney-Melvin
Project Title: Charting Career Pathways: Enhancing and Sustaining Doctoral Education in the Humanities

Pennsylvania State University, Main Campus
Project Director: Eric Hayot
Project Title: Holistic Rethinking of the Humanities PhD: Seminars, Dissertation, Internationalization, Fellowships

Princeton University
Project Director: Anthony Grafton
Project Title: Transforming Graduate Education in the Humanities at Princeton

SUNY Research Foundation, Binghamton
Project Director: Florenz Plassmann
Project Title: Transforming Scholarly Preparation in the Humanities at the Doctoral Level

University of California, Berkeley
Project Director: Anthony Cascardi
Project Title: Next Generation Humanities at Berkeley

University of California, Irvine
Project Director: Julia Lupton
Project Title: UCI Next Generation PhDs in the Humanities

University of California, Santa Barbara
Project Director: John Majewski
Project Title: Training for Nonacademic Careers in a Research-University Setting

University of California, Santa Cruz
Project Director: Tyrus Miller
Project Title: UC Santa Cruz Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

University of Chicago
Project Director: A-J Aronstein
Project Title: Professional Advancement for Training Humanities Scholars

University of Cincinnati
Project Director: David Stradling
Project Title: University of Cincinnati Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

University of Colorado, Boulder
Project Director: Helmut Muller-Sievers
Project Title: Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

University of Delaware
Project Director: Ann Ardis
Project Title: Transforming Graduate Education

University of Iowa
Project Director: Judith Pascoe
Project Title: The Newly Composed PhD: Writing Across Careers

University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc.
Project Director: Paul Kelton
Project Title: Next Generation Careers for KU Humanities PhDs

University of Kentucky Research Foundation
Project Director: Sarah Lyon
Project Title: Careers Beyond the Professoriate

University of New Mexico
Project Director: Melissa Bokovoy
Project Title: Humanities Collective (or LoboHUB/Humanities Unbound): Planning for the Next Generation of Humanities Scholars at UNM

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Project Director: Mark Katz
Project Title: Re-envisioning the Humanities PhD

University of Rhode Island
Project Director: Kathleen Davis
Project Title: Humanities at Large

University of Texas, El Paso
Project Director: Charles Ambler
Project Title: Preparing Humanities Professionals in PhD Programs at an Hispanic-Serving Institution

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Project Director: Jason Puskar
Project Title: Transforming the Culture of Post-Doctoral Humanities Careers

Washington University
Project Director: Jean Allman
Project Title: Cohorts, Courses, Qualifications, and Careers: Reconceptualizing the Humanities PhD at Washington University

Wayne State University
Project Director: Elizabeth Faue
Project Title: The Value of Humanities in the Global City: Rethinking Culture and Opportunity in Detroit